How to Jelq - Best Technique

Take any physical exercise and it would be evidence of the importance of using the correct technique while performing the routine.  This is true of the Jelqing exercises too, to a large extent.  Often the passion unleashed at time of exercise would tend to have people lose the focus towards maintaining a good form and posture.  The typical variance that the Jelqing routines produce can be attributed to the difficult nature of the exercise in remaining focused right through the performance.

It is thus important to have the routine under total control and there are a number of ways to how to Jelq properly.  The person desiring a positive outcome and in quick time would stress on getting the technique right from the very start of taking up the activity.

Getting the posture right from the start

The strong role that platforms like YouTube and similar video streaming applications provide the beginner in the Jelqing activity needs to be acknowledged.  It is thus possible to remain discrete while at the same time ensuring that the best possible study material can be had at an approachable medium too.

In any exercise activity, the posture of the person during the exercise is very important.  It is when the posture or position is done right that the best results are to be had and with the minimum of effort.  One of the strong points of a video stream is that it can be paused at will and even played out at a variable speed to understand the finer aspects of the motion and activity.

There would not be many folks who would be willing to give an actual live demo as to how to jelq.  So for all practical purposes the follower of the art must be willing to find out things for himself than rely on a master to teach it to him.

The final results of the Jelqing exercise

Jelqing - Before and After

When it comes to the result achieved through the Jelqing activity, it is the growth of the male member that counts in the end.  With different individuals, the final results of the exercise routines are different as well.  Thus it would be hard to say that a person would be able to put on so many inches to the girth of his penis before a routine.

The most common aspect of the Jelqing routines is that each person does get to notice some changes to the male member.  It is that the changes vary in each individual.  Here the genetics of the practitioner would have a strong say in the final outcome as has been made out in the past.  But that need not deter the men wanting to have a go at the Jelqing routine and there should not be any kind of an age limit as to when to start out.  Far more important is to persevere with the exercise sufficiently long enough to produce results.